Please add controller isolation support

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Please add controller isolation support

Post by PABLEXWorld » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:39 pm

I would like to play games through Sandboxie to play many copies of the same online games on a single PC with many controllers, or mouse and keyboards.
So far so good! Got to play Team Fortress 2 with a friend on the same PC, but had to use the -nojoy command on the sandboxed version to force the game to not recognize my Xbox 360 controller. Not all games support that, so I'd like to be able to force a program to be unable to read some or all controllers directly through Sandboxie.
So, isolating readable devices would be good, like, having many Wifis on my computer, but Sandboxie only allows to read one.
One post and two requests... I'd like to force an application to only read x devices, and have support for multiple keyboards and mouses. Because not even Windows can distinguish one keyboard from the other! And it is possible to get the input from a single keyboard, because GlovePIE could do it.
Could you please add these features to Sandboxie?
Sorry if I have bad English, I don't know how to word some things very well...

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