Change disable error message warning

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Change disable error message warning

Post by cornflake » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:09 am

When I get an error message from a sandbox I can choose to hide that message. If I choose to hide the message it says 'Are you sure you want to turn off reporting for message SBIExxxx?'. Though it seems in many cases it's not actually turning off reporting for any case of that error message. So I think you should fix the warning so that it is specific about exactly what is going to be shut off.

For example I got a message this afternoon when I launched chrome that software_reporter_tool.exe had been blocked, SBIE2314. The warning confirmation implies that SBIE2314 will be shut off in all cases but in fact it's only being shut off for that particular exe:

Code: Select all

Which is fine, that's what I want. I just think the warning is misleading.


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