Google Chinese Input Method please

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Google Chinese Input Method please

Post by Scoox » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:28 pm

Sandboxie provides a template for Google Japanese IME, but for a long time a template has been missing for Google Chinese IME. Would it be very difficult to add a template? There are many Chinese IMEs but as far as I know Google Pinyin IME and Sogou Pinyin IME are the most popular ones. I suspect the lack of Chinese IME support will automatically put off any potential Chinese customers.

I've just seen this other thread which is basically the same issue: ... hp?t=16821. Since that thread is locked I am posting a new one here to continue to chase this issue.

The Google Chinese IME can be downloaded here:
Run the installer and, during installation, uncheck all checkboxes to prevent it from sending stats and changing IE's home page.

Note: Needs to be installed unsandboxed. The idea is that it should work when typing into sandboxed programs.

To be able to type Chinese into sandboxed apps would be huge for me and hopefully for other fellow users too. Thanks a lot and keep the good stuff coming!

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