Please Fix Incompatitility with Office 2013 "Click-to-Run"

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Please Fix Incompatitility with Office 2013 "Click-to-Run"

Post by jclarkw » Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:44 am

One of the main advantages of Sandboxie Plus **was** the ability to isolate Outlook e-mail software in a separate sandbox from a Web browser or other software similarly vulnerable to Internet hacks. Currently, Sandboxie does not work with Office 2013 "click-to-run" (a.k.a. App-V) installations (Reference ... 42#p102342). It is becoming nearly impossible for individual users to obtain "classic" (.MSI) installations of Office from Microsoft.

Note that the inability to separately sandbox Outlook essentially eliminates any advantages of the paid version of SandBoxie for me, so I'm out $52 bucks for nothing.

Therefore I strongly urge Invincia to fix this problem in the next release of Sandboxie. Since Invincia apparently already has the capability of isolating click-to-run Office applications in its commercial FreeSpace offering (unavailable to individual users and lacking the ability to create multiple independent sandboxes), it should be possible to transfer this technology to Sandboxie given sufficient motivation. I believe there are significant numbers of users of the paid version of Sandboxie that need this capability. -- jclarkw

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