Different ideas about launching programs.

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Different ideas about launching programs.

Post by Orgodemirk » Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:12 am

I would like to see an option to force certain programs to popup the "Which Sandbox" window each time.
And add a checkbox to the window that pops up if you click to run it outside of a sandbox so you never get asked that again.
And I'd like it if the "Which Sandbox window" had it where you could just click the sandbox name to launch it in a particular sandbox, or have certain programs associated with a certain sandbox, and have that box highlighted when the window pops up, and you can just click OK.

Just a way where I can click once on a shortcut to a program then once to chose in a sandbox or outside of a sandbox (Or maybe even 2 clicks for outside the sandbox), and I'm done, and the program is running.

I've got it now where I setup some of my shortcuts to pop open this window, but it's still inconvenient to have to change so many, and I still have to select a different box and hit okay. Or select run outside and hit okay in 2 windows. If any of the features already exist or some way of doing what I'm wanting to do now, please let me know. Thank you.

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