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Sanbox extensions

Post by SnDPhoenix » Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:16 am

Well before i proceed i just have to say, great job on beta 2.77, it kicks ass, the best beta yet! 8) Alright now that i got that outta the way ill continue, so i was looking around through my settings, changing a few options here and there and i thought of something which would be handy (mainly for parents with young children though). You know how you can set a certain process to be automatically sandboxed by setting "ForceProcess=firefox.exe" well how about allowing the option to also set a file extension (such as exe, dll, vbscript etc..) to automatically be sandboxed, you could type something like "ForceExt=exe" or something similar to that. Not just would it be easier but it would also be safer, for example, lets say you d/l a exe file and you arent sure if it is safe or not and you accidently run it without hitting "run sandboxed" first, well you would still be safe because it would be recognized by SandboxIE as a specified extension and would be sandboxed.

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Post by tzuk » Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:53 am

If the EXE file is located in sandbox folders, then it will be automatically sandboxed.

But if you really want to force all EXE programs into the sandbox, then version 2.7x ForceProcess accepts wildcards:


But I think this is a bad idea. I'm sure you'll agree once you try it.

Maybe this is a good place to mention that all process matching now accepts wildcards, so for example, this is also good:


(Which would let Outlook Express, msimn.exe, save '.eml' files anywhere in drive C, bypassing the sandbox.)

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