Sandboxie version 2.77 Released

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Sandboxie version 2.77 Released

Post by tzuk » Sat Feb 03, 2007 7:33 pm

Download: ... 7-beta.exe

Partial list of changes:

* fixed: failed installations (Flock, others) that would try to set permissions on files as they are installed

* fixed: complex dialog boxes (Emule)

* fixed: errors on launch of some Sandboxie programs (usually Sandboxie Control; also others)

* fixed: hang/delay when clicking Internet Shortcuts (URL) links (and eliminated message SBOX1123 )

* fixed: correctly identify Windows Service Pack 4 (please confirm)

* fixed: display of SYSTEM key in regedit rather than the strange $$$PROTO.HIV

* fixed: silently ignore non-existant or outdated drive mappings, in some cases (error 2307)

* removed: installer now correctly removes the no-longer-supported Sandboxie Toolbar for Internet Explorer

* new: right-click "Run Sandboxed" available for all file types; can also directly open documents in Run Sandboxed -> Any Program

* new: Sandboxie error messages split off into a new DLL

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