Intercept a process that loads a dll?

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Intercept a process that loads a dll?

Post by HikariWS » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:23 pm


A few weeks ago I found out about Redshell and BuffPanel scandals. They are spywares that have been being installed by game publishers when their games are run, and they silently grab user behaviors data and send to their servers for marketing purposes. Many times it's done without warning the user, many times it starts only after users have already bought their games. There's no opt-in and up till now all we can do is find out domains that are used by these spywares and block them. ... 300190771/ and ... 433716942/ had some debate about the matter and are now blocked from new posts, and ... 544219957/ has a list of known domains, games and publishers, and also says that redshell.dll is used.

So, of course I wanna use my loved Sandboxie to help me get protected from these spywares!

If I find out some .exe they use, I'll set it to be forced to be sandboxed. But I don't believe a dll can be sandboxed or at least intercepted by Sandboxie when loaded by a process. Do you have any idea on what can be done?

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Re: Intercept a process that loads a dll?

Post by Special » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:51 am

Even if you could, that data is still going to be sent to their servers, sandboxed or not, just block the connection with your firewall, or a host file.

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