Help with settings

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Help with settings

Post by GotMilk? » Sun May 14, 2017 11:00 pm

Hey guys, long time user here and unable to recover my email accounts atm *soon probably*. I have a few questions and need help with settings.

Is it possible to get my sandboxie key if I'm unable to recover my email accounts? Lost my number to access them, I have lifetime license that Tzuk sent me years ago. If not no biggie, I'm sure my email will recover within time.

Now my settings are messed up that's for sure. I don't want anything running outside the box except for steam since I have problems with it boxed. I would like one sandbox for everyday use, emails etc, chrome + ublock extension and a separate one for downloads, installation etc or unsafe sites so don't want anything to run outside of it. Nothing can recovered back to my main windows if I install something sketchy. Atm these are my problems I'm facing

1. Rundll32.dll loading outside box when opening windows explorer sandboxed and other applications such as chrome.exe. Normal? I don't remember doing that in the past

2. When I exit chrome, and terminate all processes in the sandbox. chrome.exe is still in my taskmanager process

3. SbieSvc.exe with the command line of "Sandboxie_ComProxy_S-1-5-21-418xxxxxxxxx-1001_e_1_0:" starts when I open chrome and still lingers after closing chrome and\or terminating all programs. (long numbers replaced with x')

4. SbieSvc.exe with the command line of "Sandboxie_GuiProxy_00000001,3652"

5. Malwarebytes 3.0 can't connect to server sandboxed. The templates I found in the forums don't work.

6. combase issue I had few days ago spamming me from sandboxie, lost the line it gave me. Updated 5.18 worked though so could of been an issue with chrome and sandboxie.

7. I can't remember the reason that made me come here and its not the problems I have above. I'll come back to this one

Should I just paste my sandboxie.ini and template.ini?

Sandboxie Support
Sandboxie Support
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Re: Help with settings

Post by Barb@Invincea » Mon May 15, 2017 12:51 pm

Hello GotMilk?,

Any questions regarding your license should be directed to
Many of your questions have already been answered, please use the search function in the future... :) .

Regarding your Steam comment, keep it mind it uses its own CEF browser (so maybe some of the Chrome processes that you are seeing are Steam related?):

A1) Do you have any Antivirus software installed? What are your OS and SBIE versions?
See if these help: ... ndll32.dll

A2) Regarding Chrome lingering in the Sandbox--> Which Sbie and Chrome versions are you using? The issue was fixed in an older beta:
"Changes in 5.17.1
1) Fixed Win 10 FR 15002
2) Fixed Chrome 56 lingering child process"

A3/4) ... xy#p125994

A5) If you are updating the software, you need to do it outside the Sandbox. If you are doing something else, please provide more info.

A6) ... 11&t=24406


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