Is anyone running the new MMO BDO in Sandboxie?[SOLVED]

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Is anyone running the new MMO BDO in Sandboxie?[SOLVED]

Post by Geordy » Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:16 am

I ran the installer for above mentioned MMO inside a Sandbox (copy of DefaultBox) and so the whole 31GB of BDO goodness landed inside the box as well. When I now start the game it appears its anti-cheat program "Xingcode3" wants to run a driver called "xhunter1" which Sandboxie doesnt allow. It informs me about it in one of these white windows. Since the anti-cheat cant perform its duties it stops Black Desert Online from loading and here I am now wondering what best to do. Id like to make the game run with the data I've already downloaded, took me 2 days :P

According to me research on this site drivers need to be installed on the outside of Sandboxie in order for it to run. How would I go about that?

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Re: Is anyone running the new MMO BDO in Sandboxie?

Post by Craig@Invincea » Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:35 am

You would need to install everything on your host machine.
You can move the download (recover it) to your host machine as install it as normal.

You would then run the game "as sandboxed" by right clicking on it.

As you know now, drivers cannot be installed into a sandbox.

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