Privacy question: file history sandboxed as well ?

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Privacy question: file history sandboxed as well ?

Post by lain » Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:34 pm

I'd have a question concerning privacy, if I run any program reading files in a sandbox (word editor, picture viewer, mp3 player, etc): when I browse the directories on my disk using the sandboxed program, is the history of the files I access stored somewhere outside the sandbox ?
If I recall correctly, when I run a web browser in a sandbox, the history is stored in the sandbox only and deleted when the sandbox is closed. But is that also true for the above examples (word, pics, mp3, ...) ?

Afaik most programs use the "explorer" filemanager to access directories/files; but even if the program runs in the sandbox, if the explorer(filemanager) runs outside the sandbox, it is still possible to see which files were accessed, even after the sandbox is closed, right ? Or is there a way to sandbox the explorer-filemenager as well ?

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