looking for a workarround

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looking for a workarround

Post by ot4ku » Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:18 pm

i need help to understand how to handle this situation I have with Sandboxie.

I made it so that everything launched from Harddisc "E" is started with Sandboxie. That works really nice for testing stuff but here is my problem, i try to describe it.
If i open a .jpg file it will also be opend in a Sandboxie started ACD See, even if ACD See is installed on Harddisc "C".
But if i right-click the .jpg file and select "open with" and then select ACD See it will be opened in a normal ACD See that is not started in Sandboxie.
I dont know why and it does not matter, it works that way and its perfect to load pictures faster.

But how can i handle this if i want to ZIP some files on the harddsic? If i select the files, and select 7-zip, add to xxx.zip it starts the zipping process with Sandboxie.
Even if i start 7-zip in advance outside the Sandbox, as soon as I select the files from Harddisc "E" it starts the zipping process again with Sandboxie.
Keeping in mind how the opening with ACD See works outside Sandboxie, is there also a workaround for zipping files in that situation?

Thanks for the help.

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