Print to File: Allow Spooler Folder - Security Risk?

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Print to File: Allow Spooler Folder - Security Risk?

Post by Spaceman Spiff » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:39 pm

Quotes are from the following thread: ... &start=150
Curt@invincea wrote:
APMichael wrote:
Curt@invincea wrote:Ok, when Sbie first blocks PDF Creator, a failed print job gets stuck in the PDF Creator print queue. From then on, PDF Creator will no longer work. After you dbl-click on SBIE1319 to allow the process to print to file, you must manually clear the print from the print queue. Then PDF Creator will function properly.
Yes, that works! :D Thank you very much for the hint.

Do you see if there is a solution with the OpenFilePath setting possible?
Yes, just add OpenFilePath=%Local AppData%\Temp\PDFCreator\Spool. And everything will just work from then on.
Now this seems to be a nice solution, but I was wondering whether permanently opening a file path constitutes a security risk.
Or is the "real world security impact" of permanently allowing an app such as PDF creator more or less negligible ?

If it is risky, the I would rather allow per session access for PDF creator (which is a slight pain in the ... as you can see above) :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance!

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