Cannot print to default printer in sandboxed browser

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Cannot print to default printer in sandboxed browser

Post by virtualuser » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:05 am

The default printer is incorrectly set to a non existing printer (turbotax PDF printer).

Now I'm in a web site at the end of a rebate submission process where I'm to print the form, inside firefox.

If I select file print... it says there is no printer. There is no obvious way for me to change the default printer.
How do I print without leaving the web site (which I would have to do if I purge the sandbox, change default printer, then restart browser)?

I tried running control panel inside the sandbox and navigate to the printer view. I cannot change default printer that way either.

PS. I purged the sandbox, set the default printer to the proper one, then restart firefox. Still can't print?!
If I start firefox outside of sandboxie then I can print. Any ideas?

PPS It doesn't seem to matter which printer is the default. It just won't print in a browser when sandboxed. I tried it in IE with similar result.

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