Firefox, Outlook, SSL-Certificate

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Firefox, Outlook, SSL-Certificate

Post by mike2015 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:52 am


two questions.

I'm using Firefox inside SB.
Update of Flashplayer and Shockwave outside SB, starting Firefox in SB.
Result: Flashplayer: actual version, Shockwave: not uppdated (can be reproduced).

Outside SB: both upodated

Q1: How to perform an update of Shockwave beeing available in SB ?

I'm using Outlook (POP3 via SSL) in SB, full access to PST-file-folder.

Updating a SSL-Certificate via Browser in SB.

Result: new certificate is installed in Firefox - but Outlook reports "unknown cert".

Seems to be Outlook has no access to cert-storage of windows.
In Firefox by accessing websites with this new certificate brings no error or problem. Cert is known und accepted.

Q2: How to give Outlook access to cert-storage when running in SB ?

and last one:

Q3: Outlook in SB, configuring new mailaccount.
In SB I can use this account, outside SB Outlook didn't remember the account-password.

So: who can I give access to password-storage of outlook in SB ?

Thanks a lot.

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