Sandboxie + KeePass + KeeFox

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Sandboxie + KeePass + KeeFox

Post by deathhilarious » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:16 pm

Does anybody have any tips for getting Sandboxie to play nicely with KeePass (using Firefox + KeeFox)?

I'd like my KeePass to run outside the Sandbox, so I don't accidentally get into the situation where I create a password that is lost when the sandbox is cleared. To try and accomplish this I've granted Firefox.exe direct file access to the KeePass executable. However, when the sandboxed Firefox launches KeePass it still launches KeePass inside the Sandbox. The only way I've gotten it to work is if I launch KeePass (outside the sandbox) before using the sandboxed browser, in which case Firefox is able to connect to the non-sandboxed KeePass database. However, this seems finicky--when the database is locked, about half of the time KeeFox will be able to access it properly and prompt unlocking and the other half of the time it will launch a new sandboxed KeePass instance (which is very strange and annoying).

Am I going about this wrong? Should I just grant direct file access to my KeePass database file and let KeePass run in the Sandbox? Is this insecure?


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