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Chrome cannot start in Sandboxie: SBIE2303, SBIE2304

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:48 pm
by sb_user_12345

since October I cannot start Google Chrome in Sandboxie anymore. The following error occurs with each Windows User:

SBIE2303 Kein Hook möglich für LdrLoadDll (33, 487)
SBIE2304 Initialisierung fehlgeschlagen für den Prozess chrome.exe

Chrome runs without Sandboxie.
Firefox and IE are not crashing in Sandboxie.

I have installed:
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Chrome: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
The error already occured with Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100
(Offizieller Build) (64-Bit), which I think was running with Sandboxie
Sandboxie: Version 5.26 (64Bit)

Code: Select all

Component			Version (Build date)
Erkennungsroutine: 		18555 (20181216)
Soforteinsatz-Modul: 		13362 (20181216)
Updates: 			1014  (20180123)
Viren- und Spyware-Schutz: 	1546  (20181127)
Advanced Heuristik: 		1191  (20181106)
Archivunterstützung: 	 	1280  (20181128)
Säuberungstechnologie: 		1172  (20181113)
Anti-Stealth-Unterstützung: 	1145  (20181026)
Firewall-Modul: 		1380  (20180813)
ESET SysInspector: 		1274  (20180918)
Lokalisierungsunterstützung: 	1713  (20181008)
HIPS-Unterstützung: 		1337  (20181203)
Internet-Schutz: 		1355.1 (20181204)
Web-Inhaltsfilter: 		1067 (20181109)
Erweiterter Spam-Schutz: 	7781 (20181127)
Datenbank: 			1103 (20180629)
Konfigurationsmodul (33): 	1706.3 (20181005)
LiveGrid-Kommunikationsmodul: 	1048 (20180918)
Spezielles Säuberungsprogramm: 	1012 (20160405)
Sicheres Online-Banking und Bezahlen: 		1142 (20181029)
Rootkit-Erkennungs- und Bereinigungsmodul: 	1019 (20170825)
Netzwerk-Schutzmodul: 				1679.1 (20181127)
Prüfmodul für Routerschwachstellen: 		1055 (20181114)
Schutz vor skriptbasierten Angriffen: 		1047 (20181127)
Sicheres Heimnetzwerk Modul: 			1021 (20180907)
Support-Modul für das Kryptografieprotokoll: 	1028 (20180626)
Datenbanken für erweitertes Spamschutz-Modul: 	1838 (20181216)
Do you know this incompatibility problem? Can you help?

Best regards

Re: Chrome cannot start in Sandboxie: SBIE2303, SBIE2304

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:35 am
by Barb@Invincea
Hello sb_user_12345,

Here's more info about the messages you are receiving:

Is Chrome working fine outside Sandboxie?
Are there any Chrome extensions involved? (If so, test removing them and see if that helps)
Does the problem follow you to a new Sandbox with default settings? (

Please, see if this thread helps:
If it doesn't help , can you please remove your Antivirus Software, reboot the computer, and re-try launching Chrome in a new Sandbox with default settings?
If that works, then re-install your AV, and start disabling options within it until you can figure out which one is causing the problem.


Re: Chrome cannot start in Sandboxie: SBIE2303, SBIE2304

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:44 pm
by sb_user_12345
Hello Barb,

Chrome is working fine outside Sandboxie.
I haven't installed any Add-Ons or extensions in Chrome in the past.
To be sure I also reset the Chrome settings to their original values with the Chrome reset button.

I always tested with newly created Sandboxes.
At creation I do not specify any Sandbox settings, so I expect that the default settings are used.

I had already checked the thread viewtopic.php?t=26155 in the past.
They have a different error symptom there.
Nevertheless I waited for the Eset update mentioned there, but it didn't changed anything.
I also deactivated HIPS as proposed there, but still the same error.

I currently deactivated Eset but still the same symptom.
Maybe Eset is not involved at all.

Any other idea?

Best regards

Re: Chrome cannot start in Sandboxie: SBIE2303, SBIE2304

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:41 am
by Barb@Invincea
Hi Hello sb_user_12345,

The last suggestion of my post is to fully remove your AV, test, and then reinstall it.

Please, let us know the outcome.