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Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:06 pm
My Environment:
The Windows version number? (Windows10, 64bit)
Sandboxie version number (SBIE v5.22)
NAME & Version/build numbers of any applications involved? (Windows Internet Explorer, v11)
Are you running antivirus/anti-malware software? (Windows Defender)

My Problem:
Prior to my installation of v5.22, I employed Sandboxie for 7 years, I never had the following problem:

- with v5.20, I used to be able (within the same Sandbox) to create MULTIPLE separate “sessions” within Win IE (see screen-shot) and be able to log on to a separate Gmail account (each with its own unique Gmail log-in) within each separate Win IE session.

- Now, however, (after installing v5.22), the separate Win IE sessions (within the same sandbox) are NOT SEPARATE and, as such, every creation of a separate session results, instead, in a shared/the same Gmail #identifier.

Result: I am NOT able to sign-on to MULTIPLE separate Gmail accounts. After I sign-on to the 1st Gmail account THEN every successive attempt to create a separate session/Gmail sign-on automatically shares the 1st Gmail #identifer and I am automatically signed into a twin-session of the 1st Gmail (ServiceLogin).

-Upon discovery of this problem, I reinstalled the previous v5.20 and all was fixed back to my original functionality. Please, until this problem is remedied, I will be unable to advance to the latest version of Sandboxie. Thank you

Re: Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:43 pm
by Barb@Invincea
Hello JXXM,

How long since you tested this in Sbie 5.20? It could be that Google sign in process changed. Please give these steps a try: ... ktop&hl=en

If you have the paid version of Sandboxie you can create multiple Sandboxes to accomplish this goal. Just make sure you are signed out of Google outside Sandboxie so it doesn't pick up that session.


Re: Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:17 pm
Thank you for the kind response:

I am currently back on v5.20 and it allows me to function the way I always have prior to v5.22:

Yes, I have a paid-version of Sandboxie and I have all of my WIN IE Gmail sessions within one-sandbox that I devote exclusively to Emails only….

Prior, to v5.22, I open a single Email-sandboxie and create multiple, separate, WIN IE sessions (within it) that allow me to signon to separate Gmail accounts (one per Win IE session) within this one-sandbox.
However, since v.5.22 all the sessions within this Email sandboxie inherit the same Gmail #identifer and the 1st Gmail session shares its logon #identifier so that no other separate sessions are allowed within my Email sandbox.

It is counterproductive for me to create multiple sandboxes for each Gmail session.
nor do I wish to create multiple Gmail “accounts”…..the way it functioned prior to v5.22 is the best function.

I would appreciate it if you would please investigate whatever change was made in v5.22 that seems to have allowed this “session-sharing”.

Thank you P.S. I tested v5.22 a few weeks ago and it was still functioning the same.

Re: Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:20 am
by Barb@Invincea
----------- UPDATE -----------
I tested Sbie 5.20 + Win 10 Creator's Update (Fall's update is not supported in sbie 5.20) and noticed the behavior is the same as with the current setup. Every IE session inside the same sandbox will share the gmail logins.
Please try the new google login method I provided before.

Hello JXXM,

I'll test Sbie 5.20 today (if not, next week) to see if I can repro the behavior. The screenshots you posted do not work, they redirect to gmail, so I have removed them. If you provide new ones I'll be happy to review them.

In the meantime, did you get a chance try the link I provided on my previous response to add multiple sessions for Gmail? I tested it and seems to work fine and do what you want it to do.
There's a chance that your reported problem may be related to the new way gmail/google login works. Here's a related thread (older, but discusses the new login) : viewtopic.php?f=17&t=24385


Re: Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:56 am
Thank you for your testing efforts.

I am unclear as to your reply regarding the source of this problem.
However, I know this problem is directly related to the change between v5.20 and v5.22 since I can operate (as usual) in v5.20 and not operate in v5.22.
i.e. every IE session inside the same sandbox DOES NOT share the gmail logins within v5.20.
i.e. every IE session inside the same sandbox DOES share the gmail logins within v5.22.

My current environment is daily maintained with the latest Win OS and security updates (64x config),
My current Gmail dysfunction is NOT present with v.5.20 (which I am running now) and
My current Gmail dysfunction is present with v.5.22 (just retested it again today).
Also, when Gmail changed its login format early in 2017 it did NOT affect my email-sandbox functionality viewtopic.php?f=17&t=24385

I would appreciate further investigation as to the specific aspect(s) that changed between v5.20 and v5.22 that is directly affecting my Gmail sharing between IE sessions.

Thank you for the “Google-account” link:
I do not employ [u]Google[/u]-accounts”, instead, I merely log into my multiple, individual [u]Gmail[/u]-accounts.
Since I do not wish to enroll in a Google-accounts this method is counterproductive to me.

I merely wish this Gmail/separate-session functionality that existed prior to v5.22 be reestablished in v5.22 so that I may participate in v5.22.

Thank you.

Re: Win IE Sessions share GMail #identifier

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:34 pm
by Barb@Invincea
Hello JXXM ,

As per my previous tests, the behavior is the same in both Sbie 5.20 and 5.22. What changed is how google accounts handle the log in process. Your gmail account is your google account, so the steps I provided on my first response should allow you to open multiple sessions within the same Sandbox without issues. Please, give them a try and let me know the results.

If you have different steps for me to test on 5.20, please let me know and I'll re-try.