Network printer problems

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Network printer problems

Post by TriStarGod » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:52 am

I have two types of printers (Samsung and Brother).
For both, I keep facing issues on a Sandboxed Chrome. Right now, I'm focusing on resolving the Brother printers issues.
Both printers are networked (ie I setup the printer connection by saving a local path to the shared printers).
Usually I don't have issues printing from the printers that are connected directly to the computer. However, I almost always have an issue with connecting via the network.

Both computers are Windows 10 Pro. One is x64 (the computer I am trouble shooting from) and the other x86.

For testing purposes, I added

I also tried OpenIPCPath=* but that just crashes chrome.

Even with all this access, the print jobs fail with error. However, any time I close sandboxie, the print jobs pass on to the printer successfully.

Usually I would debug with the help of the Event Viewer but sandboxie normally blocks it (which sucks). However, it finally gave me the following error:
The document Print Document, owned by xxxuser, failed to print on printer Brother DCP-7065DN Printer. Try to print the document again, or restart the print spooler.
Data type: NT EMF 1.008. Size of the spool file in bytes: 15715560. Number of bytes printed: 0. Total number of pages in the document: 1. Number of pages printed: 0. Client computer: \\XXX-PC. Win32 error code returned by the print processor: 5. Access is denied.

Is this error because a sandboxed chrome is ANONYMOUS LOGON?

I also tried using the Resource Access Monitor but it doesn't seem helpful. I get the following whenever I try to print via chrome to the networked Brother printer.

Code: Select all

(Drive)     \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Clsid       -------------------------------
File/Key    -------------------------------
Image       -------------------------------
Ipc         -------------------------------
Ipc         \RPC Control\epmapper
Ipc         \SBIE_DummyJob_chrome.exe_17
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\2DefaultTIPSharedMemory
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_03a7ffec9b3df62a883daff11ec8ddf25eae08101bd8436a102fef1d560fafcf
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_0a9560006734ac5937b4ebb3d0e2bf8f6964cfc53366baacff2c743e91ff7c93
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_0cb96b16917e5fa258c2810f9462c2154a965b555074e88efb51e389eaf2765f
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_16cc7ed06717e47b73e7a053a1781f7463e8b2a7390d4b6ffee9da19b519e9a2
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_341134bef9283083ac2240377d7f5098ecce8f52d0a635f6a58f98038aa6eb8f
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_3b95fe54054cf141d3eee2dc6268463dd1b5d5eb5af15c44781c1ee6cf38a0d0
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_44bfda3ad97c3ef53f9d72e05f95f9e554a3176740f3634fc159f51163d91174
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_4a55485234135e80a93f3e5a7f0fec29dd1a092abdddee114f2ff7b17252dade
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_5f422267f110131f474ef873a54e151479953d51bbf0fb3a9945942bc6f361fb
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_7cb33def82c28eba8b6877c4657ac3bd5aca5f5ccb66e9d026a18dfacf1c011e
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_82a7fe639436dcd8d866a689fe0e1ea94230aec2ae8d43a0303fc8461fc0841e
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_db4585cfb2eb858d874c852a978a4f4958276eb7742f99c0d36c5b0618cef2bf
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_dddea8f0aec65a1e850fc3c2b91eb46b825bc7b3b2ec741e369166a0fbec9956
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_e0f9bdf8562ee31197c7c151a85182b17c59a367de262d1215b0b0b24e12e958
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\SBIE_BOXED_DummyEvent_9116
Ipc         \Sessions\2\BaseNamedObjects\SboxSession
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\advapi32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\bcryptPrimitives.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\cfgmgr32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\combase.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\COMDLG32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\CRYPT32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\gdi32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\gdi32full.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\IMM32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\kernel.appcore.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\kernel32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\KERNELBASE.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\MSASN1.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\msvcp_win.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\MSVCRT.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\ole32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\OLEAUT32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\powrprof.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\profapi.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\PSAPI.DLL
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\rpcrt4.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\sechost.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\shcore.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\SHELL32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\SHLWAPI.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\ucrtbase.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\user32.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\win32u.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\WINTRUST.dll
Ipc      O  \KnownDlls\WS2_32.dll
Ipc      O  \RPC Control\SbieSvcPort
Ipc      O  \Sessions\2\Windows\ApiPort
Ipc      O  \Sessions\2\Windows\SharedSection
Ipc      O  \Sessions\2\Windows\Theme3498021060
Ipc      O  \Sessions\2\Windows\ThemeSection
Ipc      O  \ThemeApiPort
Ipc      O  \Windows\Theme213654814
Pipe        -------------------------------
Pipe        ?
Pipe        \Device\CNG
Pipe        \Device\KsecDD
Pipe        \Device\NamedPipe\crashpad_12552_HTHQTIPKJEPHGVBH
Pipe        \device\namedpipe\crashpad_12552_hthqtipkjephgvbh
Pipe        \device\namedpipe\mojo.12552.13456.10769024495526079879
Pipe        \Device\NamedPipe\mojo.12552.13456.10769024495526079879
Pipe        \device\namedpipe\mojo.12552.13456.10769024495526079879
Pipe        \device\namedpipe\mojo.12552.13456.4355111064526869814
Pipe        \Device\NamedPipe\mojo.12552.13456.4355111064526869814
Pipe        \device\namedpipe\mojo.12552.13456.4355111064526869814
WinCls      -------------------------------
WinCls   X  Progman
How do I resolve this problem?

Sandboxie Support
Sandboxie Support
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Re: Network printer problems

Post by Barb@Invincea » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:47 pm

Hello TriStarGod,

Are you able to print from other sandboxed applications?
What is your Sandboxie version?
Is there any antivirus installed?
Any other security software, or policies in place?

Here are similar threads (different printers, but same situation. You may need to give direct access to the network location for that printer) that might help :

Regarding OpenClsid=*, please go ahead and remove that setting to avoid getting a BSOD in Windows 10. That option is for testing purposes only, and it is currently not supported in Win 10.


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