Firefox Won't save any settings, sessions, bookmarks.

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Firefox Won't save any settings, sessions, bookmarks.

Post by Sickest » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:43 pm

The purpose i'm attempting to use sandboxie is to have multiple instances of firefox running at sametime.

Signed into different websites, using different user accounts, preforming different tasks all at time same time.

For example, Let's say I created 3 email accounts. I want to have 3 separate instances of firefox open with the email accounts open at the same time.
But after a reboot. Not only are the email credials not saved, bookmarks are gone.

Firefox (Sandboxie) is not saving any sessions, cookies, and deleting my bookmarks after a reboot.

I've even created an entirely new firefox profile and started all over and after a reboot, it's as if I've never done anything on the SBE profile.

Any ideas?

Firefox (64 bit) 55.0.3
SBE 5.20
Windows 7 64 Pro

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Re: Firefox Won't save any settings, sessions, bookmarks.

Post by Syrinx » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:18 am

Having multiple instances of the same program opening the same profile files at the same time sounds like a recipe for corruption or permission errors to me. If I were you I'd use the -createprofile option once for each new one and then add the -profile switch to a separate shortcut for each as found here: ... ne_Options

Other than that I'd also suggest checking the SandBox Settings under Web Browser for each to ensure they are set as you desire. By default changes are actually being kept inside the sandbox and potentially deleted upon termination depending on how you have yours.

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