Windows 10 + Sandboxie + Kodi

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Windows 10 + Sandboxie + Kodi

Post by mshaker » Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:15 am


Has anyone had success running Kodi under Sandboxie (5.06) under Windows 10?

I run 2 PCs. Under both, I was successfully running XBMC 13.x under Sandboxie under Windows 7.

When I upgraded to Windows 10, Sandboxie (5.06) and Kodi 15.2 (Kodi is the new name for XBMC): Kodi fails to load. (Same result on both PCs.)

There is a couple seconds of activity in my Kodi sandbox, then Kodi terminates. No windows or messages are shown, there are no errors recorded in Kodi's log.

I tried the older version on XBMC on one PC, but could not get that working either.

I really want to sandbox this program, as I do not trust the plugins.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Mark

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