Clipboard capture in Win10 x64 TH2

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Clipboard capture in Win10 x64 TH2

Post by superkryo » Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:11 am

Encountered a problem of having to do twice "ctrl+v" or menu+edit+paste for pasting something in sandboxed programs. I am quite sure it is a new one after updating to Win10 TH2 (x64). To reproduce in 5.04/5.06/5.07.01:
1. open notepad in a clean DefaultBox,
2. copy some text in another windows to the clipboard
3. paste into the sandboxed notepad by using "ctrl+v" or menu+edit+paste.
4. Nothing is pasted. Another ctrl+v is required to yield the paste.

Text copied before opening the sandboxed notepad seems to get pasted in correctly.

TH2 is at early days, take your time. Hopefully others can confirm.

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