Git for Windows can access real directory

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Git for Windows can access real directory

Post by gdh1995 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:00 pm

Today when I used Git for Windows 2.6.2 ( ... .windows.1)
64 bits version on my Windows 8.1 Pro x64 under Sandboxie 5.06, I found git-bash.exe display real path instead of sandboxed one.

That is, I opened a empty sandbox, installed Git to "D:\Git", which directory hadn't existed before, with minpty enabled,
and opened git-bash.exe under sandbox. Then minpty ran bash, and display current path. But surprisingly it showed "/r/Sandbox/D/Git".

I think bash was trying to open "/", bug got "/r/Sandbox/D/Git", so I wonder whether this is a bug.

* Git for Windows's git-bash.exe opens usr/bin/mintty.exe, and these two process can be seen in Sandboxie Control
* mintty opens bash, but bash.exe can not be seen.
* When bash is inited, it shows "/r/Sandbox/D/Git", but when I "cd /", it works and "pwd" becomes "/D/Git"
* If I move Git folder out of sandbox, and open git-bash.exe under sandbox, it show "/" as default current path.

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