2 Firefox installs, inside and outside the sandbox.

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2 Firefox installs, inside and outside the sandbox.

Post by Neuromancien059 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:56 am

Hi everyone.

Since a few months i have a problem with Firefox.

I usually ALWAYS do installs and updates Firefox outside of the sandbox. But because of a popped up update windows who appears at the exact moment i clicked on the exact place where was the accept update button :evil:, Firefox updated inside the sandboxe.
Since then, i have 2 seperate Firefoxe installed (one inside and one outside of the sandbox). My saved sessions, newly installed plugins etc... installed inside or outside the sandboxe, aren't available in the other firefox (ex: a plugin installed outside the sandbox will not be available inside the sandbox, and vice versa).

As i don't want to lose all my installed plugins, saved sessions, etc.. Is there a way to merge the two installations and get the same firefox inside and outside the sandbox again ?

Hoping that i was clear enough, and if you need more precisions, just ask me.

In the Sandboxie settings, i have those settings in --> Browser --> Firefox (sorry i have the french version, i will try to translate the best i can).

[ ] Force Firefoxe to execute into that sandbox
[+] Allow a direct acess to Firefox tabs and to the history database
[+] Allow a direct acess to Firefox cookies
[ ] Allow a direct acess to Firefox passwords
[+] Allow a direct acess to Firefox/Waterfox/Pale Moon to phishing database
[+] Authorize direct access to Firefox sessions manager
[+] Allow a direct acess to Firefox profil folder

(I tried different settings, but nothing changed.)

My configuration
- Windows Pro 7 64bit
- Sandoboxie 4.20
- Avast Antivirus ( 2015.10.2.2218 )
- Commodo Firewall ( )
- Firefox 37.0.1 for both (i mainted the save version to try avoiding more problems).

Hope that someone could find a solution, thanks to read me.

Best regards

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