Bluesceen sandboxie 4.20 Windows Vista Home

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Bluesceen sandboxie 4.20 Windows Vista Home

Post by Bertus » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:00 pm

Bluesceen problem with sandboxie 4.20 on my Windows Vista Home pc


I have Sandboxie installed on a Windows vista home edition pc. I want to empty the sandbox when I logon into my windows user account.
In the Windows task manager I have made a task to delete (empty) the sandbox when I log on.

- Task set to execute at logon
– Task manager command line: “C:\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:default delete_sandbox

With sandboxie version 419-3 there is no problem. The sandbox is being deleted at logon without errors.
When I logon with sandboxie 4.20 a blue screen comes up. I downgraded to sandboxie 419-3 and no more blue screen errors.

Windows Vista Home 32 bit
logon to a limited user account (not an admin account)
execute task at login to delete (empty) the sandbox
Sandboxie 4.19-3 no problem
Sandboxie 4.20 error blue screen


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