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**Forum Suggestions / Feedback!**

Post by Craig@Invincea » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:49 am

Hi Everyone:

Okay, so it's been a few weeks since I've been watching and attempting to help in the forums. And I want to everyone to give me some (constructive :P ) feedback about what you would like to see us to more of?

Okay, First I'd like to fill everyone in about the ideas I have and how I'm watching / moderating the forum:

Forum problems postings:
Of course, everyone in here that takes part in the forum is the main reason SBIE is a success! We have countless experts in here. We rely on you! When anyone posts a question, I (we) rely on the vast knowledge of the forum to assist with guidance and answers. This works 98% of the time I would say. Of course, there will be an issue/quirk that we will all scratch our collective heads about. That's where I will try and gather the info I can, attempt to recreate it and pass what I have along to Curt and his team to for more in depth look. However, with anything Windows based..and the sheer vastness of combinations of software/hardware and setups out there, it's a challenge.
It's also a challenge when it may involve a not-so-used program. That doesn't mean we won't look into it, but we have to allocate our resources. A problem involving Office / Firefox, Chome or some AV software will take a priority over some more "unique" programs out there.

There will be times where programs may simply not work with SBIE. If you have a problem that the Forum cannot answer, PLEASE please give us all the info you can! http://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/view ... 11&t=19746

Communication. I will do my best to keep everyone informed about BETAs, problems, issues, etc. Feel free to PM me as well!

My Ideas list:

Templates: One idea I am working on is a thread dedicated to templates related to making programs works nicely with SBIE. Of course, these are user generated by our forum experts, and we cannot gurantee them, but from what I've seen, it's good stuff. I want to curate these into a nice thread that everyone can easily search and use.
Compatibility of programs: The listing we have is behind and outdated. We know this. I want to bring this updated. Forum assistance is appreciated!
SBIE Errors: Outdated as well. I will be working on updating this section of the website as well.
General website: Yes, we've discussed a refresh of the website. Better documentation as well. It's being discussed.

I Look forwad to working with everyone! :D (Bring on the comments.)
Thanks! Craig

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