Tor Accumulating Lots of Stuff in Sandbox

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Tor Accumulating Lots of Stuff in Sandbox

Post by Lode » Mon May 25, 2015 12:53 pm


This is not really a problem I think, but I'm just wondering if anyone here would shed some light on it:

When surfing sandboxed with Tor, a lot of specific Tor stuff is accumulating in the sandbox, and Sandboxie asks repeatedly if one want to keep it. One can check the option to not be asked again until the end of the browsing operation, which I utilize so as not to be asked with the Sandboxie panel showing up again and again.

Then when closing the Tor browser that Sandboxie panel appears once more, and one can then order it to empty itself.

So it looks like all that specific Tor software "stuff" accumulated in the sandbox can end up on one's pc unless one specifically empties the sandbox manually instead of choosing Sandboxie to save it outside the sandbox.

What is all that stuff, and does it stay on one's machine if one lets Sandboxie save it there, or is it just a temporary file that removes itself?

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