Error the application can not be started correctly 0xc00005b

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Error the application can not be started correctly 0xc00005b

Post by BenevideZ » Sun May 17, 2015 7:45 pm

Good evening guys, play a game called Warface (many here should know), to assist in the start of the missions use the Sandboxie program that allows me to open a second game and log into two accounts. Well, the months use the program without any problem, however, last week (when you hear a set att) when trying to open Sandboxie appeared that mistake (I believe that has nothing to do with with the new files, as have several friends using the same method and had no problems), detail, the error only appears when I open Warface by Sandieboxie, can enter the regular main game (another detail: the game launcher reaches open, the error of when I click "play"). I searched several websites and forums this week, uninstalled and installed the game and the program installed and nothing different versions, still with the same problem, someone could give me a light ?

OBS : I am Brazilian and I used the translator to write this text, forgiveness for misspellings.

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