Nag Screen Flickering

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Nag Screen Flickering

Post by Kep » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:52 am

I’m running Sandboxie 4.14, 32 bit, on my desktop Windows 7 computer and IE8. For over six months (maybe longer) the 5 second countdown text on the nag screen has been flickering during the entire countdown. This also occurred on the same computer when it was running XP. I have a laptop with similar software and the nag screen is not oscillating (XP or Win 7). This flashing has existed through several updates. I have uninstalled Sandboxie and my personal settings and reinstalled and it still flickers. At first I thought you had come up with a new way to make the nag screen “naggier” but since it doesn’t flicker on my laptop I am stymied. I’m not noticing any problem with the program itself. Virus scans haven't found anything.

I’ve posted a video on photobucket here. (Unless it runs smoothly in your browser you won't see the flickering.)

Any thoughts?

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