ExploitShield compatibility

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ExploitShield compatibility

Post by DR_LaRRY_PEpPeR » Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:00 am

Not sure if this is too new to consider a compatibility Template, but I was checking out the recent beta of ExploitShield Browser Edition after seeing questions in its Wilders thread about operation with Sandboxie, and wanted to share my findings. :) Not sure if it works without configuration, and the ExploitShield GUI just doesn't show it, but here's what it needs:


Then the GUI shows it's protecting so I'm just assuming it is. I'll have to post there and see if that's the case, or if another "channel" may still be blocked.

I'll keep an eye on it and update here if the settings change as it moves toward official release. :D Seems like an interesting product, instead of, or in addition to, EMET.
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