Sandboxie unable to sandbox Fireox.

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Sandboxie unable to sandbox Fireox.

Post by Baldape » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:09 am

Hi just about 10 minutes ago I opened my Mozilla Thunderbird and followed a link and it opened in Firefox shortly after I noticed two things one no yellow border around the browser and secondly the window wasn't off to the left side of my task bar so I tried clearing content that didn't so next I tried to terminate programs no luck and when ever I opened FF Sandboxie would start to sandbox it but then it would immediately delete contents so the last thing I tried was a reboot and that helped but the heck happened here this never happened before and why did a reboot fix it?:?

Windows 7 64bit
Avast Home Edition,Malwarebytes Pro
CCleaner and Advanced System Care
Sandboxie 3.72
Firefox 14.1 and Thunderbird 14

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