Question: General configuration questions.

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Question: General configuration questions.

Post by Karmashock » Wed May 02, 2012 2:54 pm

First, I did search for answers but didn't find them. I'm new. Forgive me.

I'm trying to lock down my parents machine and sandboxie is going to confuse them. I want to make the program as transparent as possible while making it effective at preventing changes to system settings, preventing the installation of programs, and preventing unauthorized programs from running. I suppose I don't mind unauthorized programs running in sandboxed mode, but ideally they shouldn't be allowed to run at all.

Here are my goals.

1. Only specified programs should run.
2. All programs with the exception of trusted system services etc should run sandboxed.
3. Sandboxie needs to be as transparent as possible. So for example, I don't mind the user saving files to the drive. I just don't want them to execute any EXE or MSI etc that hasn't been approved. It's very important that JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc files save outside the sandbox automatically without prompting. Ideally, there should be ZERO prompting for any sandboxie function.

Is this possible? Again, I'm not (perhaps foolishly) afraid of documents. I worry rather about executables and modifications to system settings. That needs to be controlled. But actual files saved to the computer should be permitted so long as they're not saved to system folders such as the windows directory.

If Sandboxie pops up any sort of notice the user will panic and not know what is going on. This is bad. The user need to be presented with a familiar interface with no unusual prompts while also being protected and not accidentally destroying documents.

Am I asking for something Sandboxie can do or am I wishing for magic beans?

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