FontExpert 2011 Problem

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FontExpert 2011 Problem

Post by MichaelS » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:43 am

This is in regard to FontExpert 2011. The application is a font manager and allows to globally enable/disable or install/uninstall fonts. Of course, I'm not expecting it to have any effect on applications outside its sandbox, but the issue is that it doesn't work with applications installed in the same sandbox as FontExpert.

If installed outside Sandboxie, FontExpert changes are reflected in all applications (sandboxed or not).

So, for example, if I use FontExpert to temporarily enable a font, that font is recognized in any applications that handle text. If I install FontExpert in the sandbox of a text-handling application and then enable some fonts, the text-handling application won't recognize the new fonts. There are no errors and I do not know why it doesn't work, even though they run in the same virtual space.

I've tested on separated systems, so it's not a localized issue.

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