eraserl.exe erases docs and settings under some conditions

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eraserl.exe erases docs and settings under some conditions

Post by crazyrobot » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:42 pm

eraserl.exe (eraser 5.8.8) erases docs and settings under some conditions

System: Win XP pro sp3 up to date, Sandboxie 3.62

When a forced program and forced forced folder are used together, and a file which is either in a forced folder or
forced program, either method would force it into the sandbox. The is file is executed and terminated, then when eraserl.exe is
specified as a delete command and is allowed to run in "start/run" restrictions....

What happened ?
eraserl.exe wipes the same folders created inside the sandbox but OUTSIDE the sandbox.

The result..
And actually it wiped my C:\"Documents and Settings\my user name

But its ok because I just restored th image..Now I make sure I don't use a overlap of forced folders
and a forced program in the same directory and of course my setup is stronger with start/run restrictions

eraserl.exe should never have to run inside the sandbox, I presume its a eraser problem. but it should be known because its
annoying. I think its getting its wires twisted somehow.

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